Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health
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Helping a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health.

CI Scoring,
from the farm up.

The TopSoil Summit, All in with Carbon Intensity.

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The TopSoil® Summit is Continuum Ag’s peak event that brings together farmers, agriculturalists, and biofuel players. At this year’s event, we will be focused on Carbon Intensity to help prepare for the 45Z Tax Credits that are going into effect. 

Registration Cost: $50 per person
Date: June 3, 2024
Where: Riverside, Iowa

You won’t want to miss this cross-section of experts, innovative topics, and networking opportunities. 

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Who is Continuum Ag?

Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health, utilizing TopSoil to streamline the process.

Recently, Continuum introduced it’s latest innovation, CI Certification. This product enables farmers to earn premiums for producing lower carbon intensity grain while ensuring secure data control.

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Mitchell Hora hits the fields on a sunny afternoon to check out the soil health of this field.

Folks Who Know Farming, Know Us.

Mitchell Hora founded Continuum Ag in 2015 as an agricultural consulting company, specializing in the Haney Soil Health Test.

Today, Continuum Ag is a soil health data intelligence company using a proprietary tool, called TopSoil® which enables farmers to profit from improving their soil health.

What is Carbon Intensity (CI)?

Carbon Intensity (CI) is the production footprint assigned to a bushel of grain. The score itself is generated using the federally approved GREET model. Today, the estimated standard CI score for CORN is 29.1 g GHG/MJ of ethanol energy.

The lower the CI score, the more attractive that production is for end users.

For example: the CI score of 0.0 means the bushel is net carbon neutral. Premium payments for lower carbon grains encourage growers to implement practices that lower carbon emissions and ultimately result in lower CI Scores.

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CI Chit Chat discusses the latest news surrounding anything Carbon Intensity.

Let's Talk Carbon Intensity

Continuum Ag’s CEO & Founder Mitchell Hora will answer your questions every Tuesday morning from 7:45 – 8:15 AM CST.

CI Chit Chat is a weekly morning talk show that will provide updates on everything related to Carbon Intensity and gives you the opportunity to ask questions about CI, CI Scores & CI Certification.

CI Certification
Powered by TopSoil®

Our CI Certificate product from TopSoil is made for farmers, from farmers. This certification helps farmers who want to earn a premium for a low carbon intensity (CI grain) but want to learn how to participate or get paid.

Continuum Ag provides an easy button to aggregate this data which allows you to earn a premium on your corn and soybean crop. Farmers still own their data, we simply provide the method for farmers to get paid.

Soil health and the nutrients and organic matter that helps keep our ecosystem thriving.
Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag is on the road talking to farmers about their goals.

Continuum Ag – Our Experience

With a realization that traditional agronomic consulting only addressed the chemical soil component, Continuum Ag has differentiated itself by recognizing that the soil’s physical and biological aspects must be addressed as well through a more holistic approach to sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Improve Yield and Profitability with Continuum Ag

From our on-the-ground soil sampling to our one-of-a-kind TopSoil® tool software, we offer an array of services to get you started on the right foot with regenerative, sustainable ag that will boost your yield and boost your profits.

TopSoil® Software

Our TopSoil® software tool helps us give farmers the direction and freedom to make sound agronomic decisions.

Regen Roadmap

A detailed, customized roadmap showing how to implement proper regenerative agriculture to ensure best practices.

RightWay® Program

Our innovative soil sampling system provides an up-to-date detailed analysis that improves fertility management.

Engage, teach, and inspire.

Continuum Ag is working to engage, teach, and inspire farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet, and utilizing the power of technology to do so.

CEO & Founder of Continuum Ag, Mitchell Hora dives deeper into Carbon Intensity at an event in Iowa.