Improving yields and profitability through regenerative ag.

Our Story

Continuum Ag was started as an agricultural consulting company, with its agronomists supporting their farmers through services such as soil sampling and fertility recommendations. With a realization that traditional agronomic consulting only addresses the chemical soil component, Continuum Ag has differentiated itself by working with growers that take a more holistic approach and recognize that soil’s physical and biological aspects must be addressed.
Today, Continuum Ag operates by deploying its soil health-focused RightWay program on farms across the Midwest with a footprint throughout the country and as far away as South Africa. Additionally, the company has attracted the attention of numerous product manufacturers, who pay Continuum Ag to conduct third-party field trials of their agricultural products. In the process, Continuum Ag has collected one of the largest private collections of soil biological data.

Our Values

Forward Thinking

We focus our efforts on how they will affect not only our future but the future of our customers as well.

Always Do the Right Thing

An important value for our personal and professional lives, we always think of what the consequences will be.

Relentless Innovation

We work together to continue moving forward and bringing new ideas to the table for the company and our customers.


We strive to bring the only the best as we move forward for the agricultural community. We work to help those around us succeed on their operations and in life.

Sharing our expertise for a sustainable future.

Continuum Ag is working to engage, teach, and inspire farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet, and utilizing the power of technology to do so.