Career Opportunities.

Our team is looking to grow.. 

Meeting our goal to impact 1 million global farmers is going to take a big team! Join our squad so we can continue to help drive the regenerative movement. Check out our current career opportunities below.


Listed are the currently available positions at Continuum Ag. For any questions about the listed positions and the duties required, please reach out to us via the information on the contact page. For interested parties in the listed positions, please fill out the form below.

Regen Success Lead

Location: Washington, IA

Description: Our Regen Success Lead will interact with farmer and consultant clients on a daily basis to recommend the best regenerative practices via our premier service, The Regen Roadmap. They will utilize our customized software, TopSoil, to track all client progress in the farmer profile. From sales to customer acquisition, the Regen Success Lead will manage all activities in Continuum Ag’s customer relationship management platform, HubSpot. This includes customer relationship tracking, automations, and organization. As a client facing employee, the Regen Success Lead will provide valuable feedback on product development and will be in charge of
calculating the value add brought to farmers on a bi-annual basis.

We are looking for an employee who has a passion for the ever changing landscape of agriculture, particularly regenerative agriculture, and is wanting to learn from the best in the industry.



  • Communicate with each Regen Roadmap farmer on a monthly basis and track all interactions and progress in both HubSpot and TopSoil. This will include in-person farm visits when time allows.
  • Facilitate consultant clients on delivering Regen Roadmaps to their farmer networks.
  • Sell Continuum Ag’s two main services: the Regen Roadmap and RightWay soil sampling.
  • Assist in carrying out soil sampling in the spring and the fall. This will include fairly heavy travel for a few weeks both seasons.
  • Develop and deliver bi-annual Regen Roadmap reports to show progress throughout the year and advise for the upcoming crop year.
  • Contact all new farmer prospects/TopSoil users and document in HubSpot.
  • Manage value proposition document, customer feedback survey, and online FAQ page.
  • Assist with TopSoil development and communicate customer feedback referring to weekly surveys to calculate a weekly and overall net promoter score (NPS).
  • Share a -bi-weekly blog to document your regenerative ag experience and
    highlight all relevant news.
  • Attend agriculture conferences and represent Continuum Ag in a professional manner.
  • Attend weekly team meetings and software calls to provide constant updates & feedback for the team.

Agronomy Operations

Location: Washington, IA

Description: Agronomy Operations will oversee all on-farm data collection and soil sampling initiatives across our global footprint. This person will be in charge of organizing and facilitating trips primarily in the spring and late fall in order to collect all necessary soil data. During the winter and summer, the Agronomy Operations specialist will help analyze soil data to garner valuable incite for farmer clients in order to provide valuable fertilizer and regenerative recommendations. They will also be in charge of overseeing all operational progress in our customer relationship management platform, HubSpot. A willingness for extensive travel during the spring and fall is required as this position includes in field sampling labor. Ability to discuss fertilizer recommendations and familiarity with working with farmer clients is preferred.



  • Mapping fields in Continuum’s software, TopSoil, to know where soil sampling is to occur in each field.

  • Communicate with each farmer client on timing of sampling and when to expect sampling results.

  • Document all operations progress in HubSpot.

  • Travel to farmer locations across the U.S. and collect soil samples (Note: ATV experience is a must as this will be requried for sampling).

  • Attend agriculture conferences on the offseason as needed.

  • Help with analysis of data during the offseason to provide additional value for soil data.

  • Attend weekly team meetings and potentially software calls to provideconstant feedback on progress.