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Introducing the 2020 Mega Trial

Today, we want to give an introduction to this year’s “Mega Trial”. Over the last couple of years, Continuum Ag has helped farmers and our overall network to understand products and practices that can help improve soil health. We’ve been working with a wide array of different ag input companies to evaluate products based on […]

Plant 2020: Our Strategy

Well, not sure when Mother Nature is going to cooperate, but sometime here spring will stay! Plant 2020 is here! We hope you are excited as we are. It’s important to reflect during this time on the importance of our role as farmers, we are the shepherds of creation. We want to grow our soils, […]

Agriculture: Essential Now, Essential Always

What a crazy time we are in right now between trade, adverse weather conditions and now a global pandemic. This current state of our planet is something we have never seen or experienced before. However, the key takeaway here is how vital agriculture is to the world at large. Farmers and agriculturalists are essential to […]

Understanding The Importance of AgTech

AgTech has been a buzzword that has continuously grown. It can be great, and provide a lot of tools for us as farmers, but it can also be scary in the sense that we’re being bombarded with a ton of technologies, data and new tools that can help our operations. At Continuum Ag, we want […]

What’s Happening to the Nutrients in Your Soil Over Winter?

“Wow, what the heck is happening to soil nutrients right now?” This is something many farmers are wondering. With extreme weather and rainfall patterns through the 2018 and 2019 seasons, no current soil prediction model can fully understand what is going on in our soils. Biology is continually functioning and changing within the soil, which […]

Relay Crop Trial Results

The idea to execute this trial came about because we’ve been using cover crops on our farm for the last couple of years. However, seed can be an issue in terms of availability and price. So, I said, “Dad, why don’t we try to harvest some of this?” and he said, “Okay, not a bad […]

Insider: Ecosystem Service Markets

We always hear, “Well I don’t get paid for soil health.” Traditionally we as farmers have only been paid for the yields produced off of our farms. We try to do things as efficiently as possible while driving for maximum yield. We’ve heard from the ag industry, “We need to feed the world; we need […]

60-inch Corn Trial 2019

As promised, we want to tell the complete story of our experiment with 30 inch by 60 inch row corn here in Iowa on the Continuum Ag farm. Mitchell bought this plot in 2017. Last year it was soybeans, and they did really well. This 30 acre area did 80 bushels, which was awesome. The […]

Harvest Data Collection: Why It’s Becoming So Important

Traditional harvest data As we are now getting into the heat of harvest season, data is on everyone’s mind – yield data, moisture, acres harvested, total bushels produced and crop pricing. These are some of the many different data points we have to keep track of as farmers, but how do we make sense of […]

Grain Quality Testing: Why It’s Important

As we’re preparing for harvest, the main driving metric that we’ve always looked at to evaluate success has been yield and yield only. But, only driving for more yield has taken us away from other metrics that really matter in running a successful farming operation or ranch. Not only do we want to continue to […]