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Billion Bushel Challenge Teams, Scoreboards & More

The Billion Bushel Challenge Has Launched

Get all the details on how to create a team, join a team and see who is leading on the Billion Bushel Challenge scoreboard!

Billion Bushel Challenge Scoreboards

Click below to see which teams and which states are in the lead…
Harvesting Profits with Carbon Intensity. Make sure you know your CI Score so you can get paid.

How to join a team?

GROWERS have the power to take charge before others do

This is a MOVEMENT that drives awareness & participation

Built by Farmers, for FARMERS

Biofuel Collaboration: Ethanol production positioning

How to get your Carbon Intensity (CI) Score?

Farmers having control is the key contributor and is vital to the success of this movement.

Click below to find your Carbon Intensity (CI) Score and earn premiums for your low CI grain!

The sun sets on a successful corn harvest in Southeast Iowa.