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Empowering Visibility, Control & Rewards with Low CI Grain

Continuum Ag Launches the Billion Bushel Challenge

Empowering Visibility, Control and Rewards with Low Carbon Grain Needed for BioFuel Production

With an estimated 6 Billion Bushels being used for Ethanol production next year, Continuum Ag has set their sights on helping the industry SCORE (Carbon Intensity Score) over a billion bushels in 2024.  The Billion Bushel Challenge initiative helps support the Continuum Ag’s mission and vision as a company, to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health.

“This is the start of something very big, and we are excited to partner with our fellow farmers to help them see the value in what we already are doing today, now is the time to be rewarded for producing low CI grain,” said Continuum’s VP of Sales & Seventh generation Iowa Heritage farmer, Chad Scebold. “Together, we will help empower their data and control the narrative – visibility and rewards make it worth a growers effort to implement sustainable farming practices to their operation.

With the Section 45Z Tax Credits biofuel manufacturers can earn 2025 tax credits by creating low carbon fuel, AND grain carbon intensity is the number one driver of this. The Billion Bushel Challenge drives awareness and participation around low carbon grain needed for biofuel producing, giving Farmers the visibility they need, the control of their premiums & the reward they deserve for growing low CI grain.

“Continuum Ag is working to activate and encourage farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet and utilizing the power of technology to do so,” says Continuum Ag’s Founder & CEO Mitchell Hora.

Biofuels need low CI grain from farmers and farmers need biofuels, Continuum Ag believes that now is the time for farmers to lead the charge with the Billion Bushel Challenge to ensure visibility, control and rewards. 

Click the video above to watch the Billion Bushel Challenge Launch Party!

Harvesting Profits with Carbon Intensity. Make sure you know your CI Score so you can get paid.

It’s Time for Farmers to Have a Voice… AND Lead

GROWERS have the power to take charge before others do

  • We are not waiting for the politics to play out
  • We are doing a lot of the right things for our industry
  • We are leading, now is the time for Farmers

This is a MOVEMENT that drives awareness & participation

  • Joint cause that helps farmers to take charge of their data
  • Unlock the premiums available within what they produce

Built by Farmers, for FARMERS

  • This is NOT another “Carbon Program” – Billion Bushel Challenge
  • Purposely built to inspire participation and engagement

Biofuel Collaboration: Ethanol production positioning

  • Together we control the narrative
  • Biofuels need low CI farmers & farmers need biofuels
  • Now is the time to take control and lead the charge

Carbon Intensity Chit Chat

There is a lot going on with Carbon Intensity in the marketplace and farmers have lots of questions… so we are hosting a LIVE series with CEO & Founder Mitchell Hora  called the CI Chit Chat.

Every Tuesday morning from 7:45 – 8:15 AM CST, Mitchell will sit down to give you an industry update on everything related to Carbon Intensity AND answer your questions!

Click the “register here” button to register!

Visibility of the Value

Empowering growers with a new scoreboard and the ability to the see the VALUE behind the practices that we implement.

Control the Narrative

Farmers taking charge of the narrative, we are doing a lot of the right things today within our operations, the DoE doesn’t give us much credit.

Reward System

Producers need to be getting paid for enabling the “low Carbon Intensity grains” and helping to create this emerging market.

Farmers are the Solution

Collectively growers unite to activate the process that builds new markets and empower “Low CI grain” premiums

The sun sets on a successful corn harvest in Southeast Iowa.

Ready to take control?

Farmers having control is the key contributor and is vital to the success of this movement.

Click below to find your Carbon Intensity (CI) Score and earn premiums for your low CI grain!