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Brad McDonald Case Study

Learn about how Continuum Ag helped farmer Brad McDonald navigate implementing regen practices on his operation, and how he was able to save 41% on inputs this year.

Research and content assembled by Maddy Kollasch and Emily Hora | 2022

Join us on a journey into the heart of agriculture with Brad McDonald, a seasoned farmer from northeast Iowa and the Chief Operating Officer of Continuum Ag. Brad’s story unfolds from his roots on a farrow-to-finish hog farm, showcasing a lifetime dedicated to understanding the intricacies of farming. In 2019, he achieved a significant milestone by becoming a landowner, ushering in a new chapter in his agricultural journey. Brad’s engagement with agriculture goes beyond the fields. His diverse experiences span commodity research and training in New York, delving into agriculture finance in Chicago, and venturing into entrepreneurship by founding an e-commerce platform tailored for farmers online. This wealth of knowledge positions Brad as a dynamic figure in the agricultural landscape.

Currently enrolled in Continuum Ag’s Regen Roadmap program, Brad is on a mission to enhance the sustainability and profitability of his farming operation. Dive into the details of the program’s guidance, cost-sharing initiatives, and carbon payments as Brad aims to boost profitability by an impressive 41.2%. The return on investment from his engagement with Continuum Ag is highlighting the transformative impact of strategic regenerative practices.

Brad’s commitment to regenerative agriculture took a leap in the fall of 2021 when he began implementing these practices. Follow his journey as he not only improves the financial viability of his farm but also contributes to broader goals of sustainability and environmental stewardship.