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Josh Nelson Case Study

Josh Nelson’s Journey to Sustainable Farming in Wright County, Iowa

Learn how Josh is planning for his operation’s regenerative future by implementing practices changes for his soil’s health.

Research and content assembled by Maddy Kollasch and Emily Hora | 2022

Meet Josh Nelson, the driving force behind a transformative agricultural journey in Wright County. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of North Central Iowa, Josh and his family, including his dad, two uncles, and a cousin, make-up Cardinal Creek Farms. This isn’t just a farm, it’s a testament to sustainable innovation, where row crops and livestock, especially their cherished cattle, harmoniously coexist.

Cardinal Creek Farms set themselves apart by showing how their cover crops are a living testament to their commitment to progressive farming practices. But the story doesn’t stop there—Josh has taken a bold step by enrolling a substantial portion of their acres with Continuum Ag in Regen RoadMap .

The anticipation is palpable as Cardinal Creek Farms gears up to achieve an incredible 48.8% reduction in inputs this year, thanks to the implementation of regenerative practices guided by Continuum Ag’s revolutionary recommendations. The icing on the cake is a staggering 517% return on investment that promises not just financial gains but a sustainable future for the farm. As Josh looks towards the future, he envisions more than just a thriving farm; he’s on a mission to reshape the very thought process surrounding agricultural practices. The goal is to pave the way for the next level of farming, where innovation meets sustainability.