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Russell Hedrick Case Study

Learn how Russell was able to reduce chemical costs, increase yields, and increase microbial activity with regen practices.

Research and images assembled by Emma Ehlers | 2021

Embark on the inspiring journey of Russell Hedrick, a  first-generation farmer hailing from Hickory, North Carolina. The founder of JRH Grain Farms, Russell’s innovative use of no-till and cover crops propelled him to receive the prestigious title of the 2014 North Carolina Innovative Young Farmer of the Year. At the core of Russell’s operation is a commitment to maximizing profits and minimizing inputs through regenerative farming practices. His visionary approach has not only kept chemical costs remarkably low, at $25 per acre, but has also yielded impressive results, such as harvesting over 300 bushels per acre of corn.

The impact of regenerative practices extends beyond the financial realm. Russell has achieved a fivefold increase in soil carbon respiration compared to the initial levels, showcasing the transformative power of sustainable agriculture on soil health.In a groundbreaking partnership, Russell’s operation joined forces with Foothills Distillery, contributing to the production of the first bourbon in North Carolina since prohibition. Russell’s story exemplifies how regenerative farming not only brings economic benefits but also fosters collaboration and innovation within the agricultural community.