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Your Digital Roadmap for Soil Health Success.

Fields of green soybeans thriving in healthy soil.
Continuum Ag provides the easy button to aggregate this data to earn a premium on your corn and soybean crop. Farmers still own their data, we simply provide the method for farmers to get paid.

Improve Yield and Profitability with Continuum Ag

From our on-the-ground soil sampling to our one-of-a-kind TopSoil® tool software, we offer an array of services to get you started on the right foot with regenerative, sustainable ag that will boost your yield and boost your profits.

TopSoil® Software

Our TopSoil® Software tool helps us give farmers the direction and freedom to make sound agronomic decisions.

Regen Roadmap

A detailed, customized roadmap showing how to implement proper regenerative agriculture to ensure best practices.

RightWay® Program

Our innovative soil sampling system provides an up-to-date detailed analysis that improves fertility management.

Continuum Ag Ecosystem Service Market Consulting

Corporations, non-profits, farmers, and more all need an understanding of emerging ecosystem service markets. Continuum Ag can help you understand your role in this emerging space and help deploy initiates to prove concepts, test hypotheses, and create a clear path forward for your organization to provide meaningful impact in an emerging marketplace.


Taking the four wheeler out to the fields in Southeast, Iowa to check out the crops.