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Brad McDonald Case Study

Learn about how Continuum Ag helped farmer Brad McDonald navigate implementing regen practices on his operation, and how he was able to save 41% on inputs this year.

Research and content assembled by Maddy Kollasch and Emily Hora | 2022

Brad McDonald, a farmer from northeast Iowa and also the Continuum Ag COO, has been farming with his family for as long as he can remember. He grew up on a farrow-to-finish hog farm, and was able to purchase his own farm land recently in 2019. Brad has also experienced other aspects of agriculture outside of farming, including working in commodity research and training in New York, agriculture finance in Chicago, and he started his own business as an e-commerce platform for farmers online.


Brad McDonald is currently enrolled into Continuum Ag’s Regen Roadmap program. Using the Regen Roadmap program and the advised cost share and carbon payments, Brad is looking to improve his profitability by 41.2%, which is a 383% return on investment from hiring Continuum Ag. Brad started implementing regen practices just this last fall in 2021, and is continuing to evolve his operation for the better with these changes.