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Ryan Oberman Case Study

Learn how Ryan is reaching his soil health goals while also reducing input costs with the help of Continuum Ag.

Research and content assembled by Maddy Kollasch and Emily Hora | 2022

Ryan Oberman is the owner and operator of MTM Carriers in Southern Iowa. Ryan’s operation is family owned and has been around for 4- 5 generations. On their operation, MTM Carriers has row crops, where they recently added soybeans into rotation, and are completely non-GMO. MTM Carriers started implementing cover crops a few years ago, and started working with Continuum Ag this year to bridge the learning gap and have a smooth transition into focusing on regenerative farming.


Utilizing the Continuum Ag programs and recommendations, MTM Carriers is looking at a 51.17% average savings on inputs this year with a 348% ROI. Ryan knows that by continuing to implement these practices, they will reach their goals of improving their soil health while also reducing inputs and helping the environment.