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As a leader in regenerative, sustainable agriculture, Continuum Ag is frequently featured in a number of publications – check us out!

Articles & Features

Growing Soil for a Regenerative Future


Our founder is leveraging the ag conservation leadership that has always been a part of his family’s farming operation with his ambition to help farms around the world achieve soil health through regenerative practices.

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Iowa Front 40

The Iowa Soybean Association 

Those selected for Iowa’s Front 40 are recognized for encouraging environmental initiatives for Iowa’s future. In 2021, both Mitchell and Brian Hora were selected as Iowa Front 40 Champions.

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How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them

Wall Street Journal

What if there was a way to combat climate change that didn’t require technological breakthroughs, carbon taxes or eliminating all fossil fuels?

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A Mission for Soil Health

Iowa Farm Bureau

Hora is on a mission to protect and improve soil health on his family’s farm, pushing beyond no-till and cover crops to explore new strategies like relay crops, 60-inch rows, and interseeding cover crops between rows of young corn plants.

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East Central Iowa Farmer Uses Drone to Broadcast Cover Crops

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

Mitchell Hora, founder of Continuum Ag, values data. Hora’s collects data through soil health testing and soil sampling and used a new tool to apply cover crops.

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Young Farmer Leads the Way

The Catholic Messenger

Twenty-five-year-old farmer and agronomist Mitch Hora holds a fistful of microbe-rich soil in his hand, explaining how good soil management contributes to the stewardship of God’s creation and success on the farm.

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Ask a farmer: Mitchell Hora of 'Field Work' answers your questions

MPR News

Hora is excited to utilize data to make better decisions when it comes to ensuring short-term return on investments while working on the long-term gains that soil health can provide.

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Healthy Soil Delivers More Nutrition to U.S. Farmers and their Customers


Armed with a shovel, iPad, and a college degree, Mitchell Hora represents a new generation of farmers determined to get more from the land by working with it.

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Three Iowans Among Finalists for American Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge

Iowa Farm Bureau

In partnership with Farm Credit, this is a first of its kind national business competition exclusively for rural entrepreneurs focused on solving food and agricultural challenges.

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Grounded Growth Farmers

Grounded Growth

Mitchell Hora is sharing his knowledge about how to measure and use soil health data with both other farmers AND food companies in our community.

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Cash Crops: Iowa agtech startup helps farmers boost profits with sustainability


Our software helps farmers implement regenerative agricultural practices and manage soil health. In 2021, we were chosen as one of the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge winners.

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Profiting from Carbon and Soil Health

Farm Journal – Ag Web

The path to soil health profit has opened wider than ever before. “The more aggressive you can be out there, the more opportunities you’ll have to get paid,” says Mitchell Hora.

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Iowa farmers joining new initiatives that pay them to battle climate change

Des Moines Register

Iowa farmers are experimenting with carbon-capture strategies that could bolster revenues and soil health, plus improve water quality. Paywall

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Featured Farmer: Mitchell Hora

Farmer’s Footprint

“When I was a baby, my first word was ‘corn’.” Let’s just consider this a leading indicator that Mitchell Hora was destined to be a farmer. It also doesn’t hurt when you have a farming legacy in your family stretching 150 years.

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Farm kid turned entrepreneur eyes negative carbon emissions


Mitchell Hora learned about the value of soil early in life on his family’s 750-acre farm in Iowa, where his father adopted such soil-friendly strategies for growing crops as no-till farming.

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Offering Soil Health Solutions at Scale

Clay & Milk

Continuum Ag’s TopSoil platform works by connecting with leading labs and tech companies and then providing recommendations for making agronomic decisions for farmers and their farm advisors.

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Three Iowans Reach Farm Bureau's Ag Innovation Challenge semifinals

The Gazette

Three Iowans have been named semifinalists in the Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge honoring rural entrepreneurs including Washington’s own Mitchell Hora.

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Continuum Ag Partners with West Fork Crooked Creek Watershed Project

Iowa Dept of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

Continuum Ag is a consulting and data management company focused on soil health working with farmers, consultants, and ag businesses to quantify and improve soil health.

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Farming Teaches Us How to Operate in a Living Ecosystem


When a farm business maintains productive and healthy soil to grow high-performing crops, our communities, and the land and water supplying them, all thrive.

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MN Millennial Farmer

Minnwest Bank

Recently I took a road trip to southeastern Iowa to visit Mitchell Hora, my co-host for a new podcast that I am very fortunate to be part of, Minnesota Public Radio’s Field Work Podcast.

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CALS Alum Mitchell Hora Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Iowa State University

Less than five years after graduating from Iowa State University, Mitchell Hora has successfully started and grown a business that helps farmers take a holistic approach to improving soil health.

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Rabo Carbon Bank Launches First U.S. Pilot

Rabo AgriFinance

Participating farmers will receive compensation for implementing regenerative agricultural practices that enrich their fields’ soils while capturing carbon from the air. 

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How Climate Change in Iowa is Changing U.S. Politics

TIME Magazine

In the drizzling rain, Mitchell Hora walks me to the top of a 40-ft. grain bin on his family’s farm in southeast Iowa’s Washington County, where his family has worked for seven generations.

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2020 Ag Grad 30 Under 30


Discover 30 Entrepreneurs in Agriculture under the age of 30 making huge differences in the world, economy, and environment. In the article, flip to page 18 to see our very own Mitchell Hora and his growing business.

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Fourth Generation Millennial Farmer Tests A.I. Drones to Upgrade Farming in Iowa

sUAS News

Leading AgTech Companies Taranis, Phytobiotics, Continuum Ag, and Rantizo Collaborate on Drone-Based Aerial Application of Micronutrients to Increase Soybean Yield

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Continuum Ag: Digging Into Soil Health


For the past four years Mitchell Hora has been immersed in the development of a system that measures, calibrates, and provides recommendations for best practices and products for soil health.

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Wall of Fame - Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative

Iowa State University

With improved soils, agriculturalists can fit into sustainable ag markets, improve land valuations, improve environmental impact, and boost on-farm profit!

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Farm Downturn Doesn't Mean the End for Beginning Farmers

Des Moines Register

Mitchell Hora would like to farm full-time, but the lingering agriculture downturn pushed him to find another way to return to his family farm in southeastern Iowa.

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Caught in the middle: In a traditional field, farmers strive for sustainability

MPR News

Farmers are under pressure. Incomes are down. Expenses are up. Plus, consumers are increasingly picky about their food and want it grown in environmentally friendly ways.

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Going Solo, Pass Go

Resource Magazine

It was during his freshman internship with E4 Crop Intelligence, that Mitchell decided to pursue a career in consulting and began developing business plans and tailoring his curriculum.

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Watch & Listen

Gearing Up for Planting Season

Ag News Daily

Mitchell sits down with Ag News Daily just in time for planting! Tune in as he gives an update on what he’s been up to. They talk  fertilizer costs and solutions, soil health, and more.

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Washington County: A Culture of Conservation

Iowa’s Front 40 |  Iowa Soybean Association 

From the Missouri to the Mississippi and every county in between, Iowa’s future-thinking leaders are personifying progress and encouraging environmental change within our borders.

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Sustainable & Profitable - Hora Family Farm & Continuum Ag

Land Values 

In Episode 6, Mitchell Hora & Brian Hora demonstrate year over year that sustainable farming is profitable and scalable.

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Episode 17: Mitchell Hora

Croptastic the Innerplant Podcast

Host Shely talks about regenerative farming, soil health, and agtech with Mitchell Hora a 7th-generation Iowa farmer and founder/CEO of soil health data company Continuum Ag.

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Iowa Farmer Makes Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Improvements to Soil Health


At 27, Mitchell’s business of 21 employees is helping farmers in 36 states and 14 countries. Now, he’s been named to Forbes 30 under 30 list in the social impact category for 2022.

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Podcast: How To Improve Soil Health

American Family Farmer

We chat with the Founder/CEO of Continuum Ag, Mitchell Hora. He’s implementing the principles of soil health and monitors impact using the Haney Soil Health Test on a weekly basis. 

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"Field Work" Podcast

Minnesota Farm Fest

Field Work is a podcast hosted by Mitchell Hora and Zach Johnson in which commercial farmers share their own experiences with sustainable agriculture: what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why.

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Farmers Still Love Trump Even Though His Trade War Is Hurting Them


Founder/CEO of Continuum Ag Mitchell Hora discusses the impacts of tariffs and the trade war on the day-to-day and yearly costs and profits of agriculture production.

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Soil Health: Continuous Testing & Learning

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Mitchell Hora of Continuum Ag talks about the results of his soil health tests, data that are helping farmers logistically and economically improve soil health. 

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