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The breakdown is a one-stop-shop to all things Continuum Ag and our tools. Here, you will find all your step-by-step explanations for navigating the TopSoil Tool, frequently asked questions about Continuum Ag, and other related information.


How do I edits my fields?
How do I enter a field boundary?

To enter a field boundary on your TopSoil account, locate the orange tool bar on the righthand side of your screen. Click on the “+” button, which will be the first button in the toolbar, which will enable you to enter in a new field. From there, either select your own name as the grower for that field or you can invite another person. Insert a name for the field you are entering, and either upload a zip file with the field boundary or you can draw the field boundary yourself on TopSoil. Click below to view the full video and see how to draw in a field boundary manually.

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How do I invite new users on TopSoil?
How do I log into TopSoil?

To log into TopSoil, you can search “” in your URL search bar, or click on the link below.

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Take me to TopSoil

How do I make a TopSoil account?

First, log into TopSoil, you can search “” in your URL search bar, or click on the link below. Once at the login page, click “sign up” located under the TopSoil logo

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How do I review my soil test results on TopSoil?

On your TopSoil account, select the field name of which you would like to see results for. Locate the menu on the left side of the screen under your field name, scroll down and click on “soil health”. From here, you will be able to see a list of nutrients that were tested for in the soil. Click on each nutrient to see the gathered data. You can also hover over the boundary map to see the nutrient levels throughout different areas of your field.

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How do I upload my own data?
How do I view my invoice and make a payment?
How do I ZIP my files together-Dell?
How do I ZIP my files together-Apple?
How do I request services through TopSoil?
What is TopSoil?

TopSoil is an online soil health data tracking tool. This tool allows you to view soil sampling test results, request services, and map out fields all in one place.

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