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Interest in Regenerative Agriculture is Circling Continuum Ag from All Angles

Brian Hora, Lead Farmer at Continuum Ag

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve given a blog update with things that have been going on with Continuum Ag, so I figured it’s my turn to share some insights as to what we’ve really been up to. The future of agriculture is clearer than ever that regenerative systems are going to be needed across a much broader landscape throughout the world. It has been very interesting to me to see who is emailing and hitting me up with interest in the regenerative ag movement. From large conventional farms, to established ag corporations, to multinational banks, to the venture capital world. Even from the policy side, there is an outstanding amount of movement and interest in the regenerative ag space.

A new partnership that we have recently announced was with Truterra, from Land O’ Lakes. Truterra knows that their farmers need to have better access to regenerative ag advice, and Continuum Ag is playing part of that role to fill that specific need. We see this need expanding throughout the entire ag supply chain, and our role with many of our nationwide projects remains the same; assist the farmers in successfully adopting regenerative ag practices.

Internal to Continuum Ag, we’ve been developing software, developing systems, developing people, and proving our value to farmers, which currently sits at an average of $106.24/acre. Farmers need all the help they can get when it comes to implementing regenerative ag systems, and the rollout of our new regen roadmap has been just the tool to suffice. It’s interesting to me that so much money wants to go into the regenerative ag space, groups like Bank of America have pledged to put 1.5 trillion towards sustainable finance and U.S. Bank has pledged to put 50 billion towards sustainable finance. So much money that is looking at going towards sustainability initiatives and agriculture is a target sector for all of these monies. Our opportunity is to help that money actually do good, and help the farmers utilize that money to actually improve the profitability and resiliency of their family farms. It’s amazing to see the progress that has garnered from our own farm. We are planting and many of our neighbors have yet to plant. Our organic matter improvements are through the roof. We are not worried about drought or flooding on our farm this year. We’ve cut our fertilizer, cut our pesticides, and diversified revenue streams on our operation. It’s this promise of regenerative agriculture that I’ve seen first hand that we want to take to the world, and that is why our mission is to help 1 million farmers improve their profits with soil health.

We hope that you will continue to think about regenerative ag as part of your strategy towards sustainability efforts, and we hope that you keep us in mind as a source of assistance to ensure that money or your role as a farmer, a company, an advisor, that role is well defined and you have success in contributing to massive opportunities to help agriculture and help people all around the world.

For more information, shoot me an email, I am happy to chat –

Mitchell Hora
Founder & CEO // Continuum Ag
(319) 461-9056

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