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Jacob Farms Joins the Billion Bushel Challenge 

Jacob Farms - Billion Bushel Challenge Team

Continuum Ag is excited to highlight our partnership with Jacob Farms in the Billion Bushel Challenge, led by Ryan Speer heading the ‘No Tillers’ team. Based in Sedgwick, Kansas, Ryan Speer became a valuable addition to Jacob Farms in 2003.

Addressing challenges such as wind and water erosion, Jacob Farms implemented no-till practices, witnessing remarkable success in increased yields and profits. Ryan emphasizes the positive impact of sustainable practices, stating, “Now, with Carbon Intensity Scores and the Billion Bushel Challenge, there’s a chance for farmers to earn even more for doing what’s right.”

Launched by Continuum Ag on November 20, 2023, the Billion Bushel Challenge aims to raise awareness, stimulate creativity, and encourage collaboration among farmers and biofuel manufacturers. “The goal of the Billion Bushel challenge is to help farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health. Continuum Ag is working to activate and encourage farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet and utilizing the power of technology to do so,” says Continuum Ag’s Founder & CEO Mitchell Hora. 

Managing over 6,000 acres, Jacob Farms & Cattle specializes in winter feeder cattle backgrounding and operates a butcher beef facility. The farm’s future focus includes sustaining high-quality operations through the adoption of new farming techniques and practices, alongside attracting talented and motivated individuals to their team.

Jacob Farms actively shares its operational insights through an impressive networking system on its website, detailing practices like no-till precision farming, cover crops, crop rotation, and more. The farm has received awards such as the ASA Conservation Award in 2012 and the Natural Resources Award from the Harvey County Farm Bureau Association. These associations recognize outstanding environmental and conservation achievements by farmers. This commitment to sustainability and excellence showcases Jacob Farms’ leadership in the agricultural landscape.

We are excited to have Ryan Speer join the Billion Bushel Challenge as one of our Founding Members and we don’t doubt that Ryan Speer will excel in this challenge. Join #NoTillers in the Billion Bushel Challenge today!

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