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How Healthier Soil Helps Farmers Survive Record Rains, Drought

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How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them

The Wall Street Journal

What if there was a way to combat climate change that didn’t require technological breakthroughs, carbon taxes or eliminating all fossil fuels?

Such a solution might lie here in an Iowa cornfield beneath the feet of Mitchell Hora, a seventh-generation farmer.

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Featured Farmer: Mitchell Hora

Farmer’s Footprint

“When I was a baby, my first word was ‘corn’.”

Let’s just consider this a leading indicator that Mitchell Hora was destined to be a farmer. It also doesn’t hurt when you have a farming legacy in your family stretching 150 years.

A Mission for Soil Health

Iowa Farm Bureau

Turning over a shovelful of dirt in one of Mitchell Hora’s soybean fields re­­veals rich, black soil beneath a blanket of cornstalk and cover crop residue.

“In Iowa, we have some of the best soil in the world, and we need to treat it as such,” the seventh-generation farmer says.


Climate warriors: Iowa farmers are joining new initiatives that pay them to battle climate change

Des Moines Register

Iowa farmers are experimenting with carbon-capture strategies that could bolster revenues and soil health, plus improve water quality. *paywall*

Young Farmers Leads the Way

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Twenty-five-year-old farmer and agronomist Mitch Hora holds a fistful of microbe-rich soil in his hand, explaining how good soil management contributes to the stewardship of God’s creation and success on the farm.

Farm kid turned entrepreneur eyes negative carbon emissions


Mitchell Hora learned about the value of soil early in life on his family’s 750-acre farm in Iowa, where his father adopted such soil-friendly strategies for growing crops as no-till farming.

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Fourth Generation Millennial Farmer Tests A.I. Drones to Upgrade Farming in Iowa

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Leading AgTech Companies Taranis, Phytobiotics, Continuum Ag, and Rantizo Collaborate on Drone-Based Aerial Application of Micronutrients to Increase Soybean Yield.

Continuum Ag is Offering Soil Health Solutions at Scale

Clay & Milk

For the last four years, Mitchell Hora has been developing a system that measures, calibrates and provides recommendations for best practices and products for soil health.

Six Startups Chosen In 2019 Row Crop Challenge

Farm Journal’s AgPro

After pitching in the 2019 AgLaunch Row Crop Challenge at the Farm Journal AgTech Expo, a panel of farmers and investors have chosen six startup companies to participate in the AgLaunch365 accelerator and to receive investment from Innova Memphis and Ag Ventures Alliance.

Farmers Still Love Trump Even Though His Trade War Is Hurting Them


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East Central Iowa Farmer Uses Drone to Broadcast Cover Crops

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

In east central Iowa farmer dedicated to soil health uses a new tool to apply cover crops. Mitchell Hora, founder of Continuum Ag, values data.

Ask a farmer: Mitchell Hora of ‘Field Work’ answers your questions

MPR News

Farm Fest is in full swing, an exciting time for those in the agriculture business, but also a great opportunity to share with consumers what it’s like to work on a farm and live a farmer’s life. Mitchell Hora co-host of the “Field Work” podcast, answered a few questions we got from farm-curious readers.

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Three Iowans Reach Farm Bureau’s Ag Innovation Challenge semifinals

The Gazette

Three Iowans have been named semifinalists in the Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge: Steven Brockshus, Clayton Mooney, and Washington’s own Mitchell Hora. The Ag Innovation Challenge is a “national business competition focused exclusively on rural entrepreneurs.”

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Continuum Ag: Digging Into Soil Health


For the past four years Mitchell Hora has been immersed in the development of a system that measures, calibrates, and provides recommendations for best practices and products for soil health.

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Wall of Fame – Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative

Iowa State University

Continuum Ag provides soil health consulting to farmers and agricultural companies, around the world, by quantifying and improving soil health.

Soil Sampling

Soil Health: Continuous Testing, Continual Learning

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Mitchell Hora of Continuum Ag talks about the results of his soil health tests, data which is helping farmers logistically and economically improve soil health.

Healthy Soil Delivers More Nutrition to U.S. Farmers and their Customers


Mitchell Hora digs soil, especially if it’s in a soybean field and full of worms. Armed with a shovel, iPad and college degree, he represents a new generation of U.S. determined to get more from the land by working with it.

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Continuum Ag. LLC, Partners with West Fork Crooked Creek Watershed Project

Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

Mitchell Hora is a recent graduate of Iowa State University that has started up his own crop consulting company, Continuum Ag. LLC, out of Washington, IA. He not only helps clients in the West Fork Crooked Creek Water Quality Initiative Project but people all across Iowa and other parts of the world.

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Farm Downturn Doesn’t Mean the End for Beginning Farmers

Des Moines Register

Mitchell Hora would like to farm full-time, but the lingering agriculture downturn pushed him to find another way to return to his family farm in southeastern Iowa.

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Three Iowa Entrepreneurs Among Top Ten Finalists for 2019 American Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge

Iowa Farm Bureau

Iowa continues to be the land of corn, soybeans, hogs and award-winning, rural entrepreneurs as this is the fifth year in a row Iowa Farm Bureau members have been named in the top ten finalists for the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Ag Innovation Challenge.

“Field Work” Podcast

Minnesota Farm Fest

Featuring “Field Work” podcast hosts Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora. Join Zach and Mitchell, both millennial farmers, as they interview their dads to showcase the generational differences and attitudes about sustainable farming.

Field Work

Talking About Sustainable Agriculture by Farmers for Farmers

Nebraska Grain & Feed Association

The business of farming is changing fast and pressures on farmers are mounting, especially around stewardship of land and water. Mitchell Hora, co-host of Field Work podcast, will share some of the experiences about sustainable agriculture discussed on the show: what’s worked, what hasn’t and why.


Farming Teaches Us How to Operate in a Living Ecosystem


Soil, air and water quality should be considered business imperatives like any other input. When a farm business maintains productive and healthy soil to grow high-performing crops, our communities, and the land and water supplying them, all thrive.

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Grounded Growth Farmers

Grounded Growth

Get to know some of our farmer members who have been using regenerative farming practices for decades!  Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that helps increase soil health, improve food quality by creating a healthy soil microbiome, reduce climate change, improve the ability of a field to capture rain and to improve water quality.

Caught in the middle: In a traditional field, farmers strive for sustainability

MPR News

Farmers are under pressure. Incomes are downExpenses are up. Plus, consumers are increasingly picky about their food and want it grown in environmentally friendly ways.


MN Millennial Farmer: Tillage Practices and Soil Health

Minnwest Bank

Recently I took a road trip to southeastern Iowa to visit Mitchell Hora, my co-host for a new podcast that I am very fortunate to be part of, Minnesota Public Radio’s Field Work Podcast.

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Going Solo, Pass Go

Resource Magazine

“It was during my freshman internship with E4 Crop Intelligence in Woodbine, Iowa, that I decided to pursue a career in consulting. I began developing business plans and tailoring my curriculum, and I added an agronomy major to the Ag Systems Technology program.” – Mitchell Hora (page 25)

Field Work

Field Work

Hosted by Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora, two commercial row-crop farmers, Field Work is a podcast that provides space for frank, realistic discussions about the benefits and challenges of sustainable agriculture. Zach and Mitchell explore the successes and challenges farmers experience as they adopt new practices, without greenwashing over the difficulties. If you haven’t heard season one, it’s not too late, click below to listen!