Proudly Sustainable. Proudly Local. Meet Your New Sales Representative. 🌾

Hello, Chad Scebold here, excited to join the Continuum Ag team as the Head of Sales and to work aside all of you! 

I am super excited to leverage my background of working hard to help producers implement tools and practices that maximize ROI. Continuum Ag has a unique opportunity to partner with “tip-of-the-spear” producers that are ready to take control of their data. The Topsoil tools are built by Farmers, for Farmers . . . to help producers secure and monetize their farm production data.  

As farmers, our legacy and future are dependent upon understanding what changes are coming and identify how we maneuver in order thrive. I am blessed to be an integral part our own personal family farming history. Our farm legacy dates back to 1858, officially making it an IOWA “Heritage” Farm. It is important to me that we help EMPOWER producers to make sound decisions for the next generation!

My goals and aspirations align closely with CONTINUUM’s company vision. . . I absolutely love that growers can unlock (TOPSOIL) the transparency needed to appropriately financially reward a producer for what they are doing right!

What does success look like? I truly see this as an opportunity to change the game – Carbon Intensity (CI) Certification by Continuum Ag has the chance to become the industry standard. Farmers understanding the value of “certifying” their production will help create a NEW marketplace for “sustainably sourced” commodities that will be ultimately controlled by the farmer.

Today, my wife Jenni and three children live in Bennington a small town just outside of the. Omaha area. We farm in both Nebraska and Iowa on the Missouri River bottoms . . . my wife and I are both prior college athletes and are avid sports fans. We spend most of our free time coaching and watching these kids compete.

Curious, or want to learn more; feel free to shoot me a note!

Chad Scebold
Sales Lead // Continuum Ag
(402) 810-2585

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