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Soil health and management the RightWay.

Save more than $112.42 per acre on fertilizer.

Our RightWay soil sampling helps farmers avoid overapplying (and wasting money on) environmentally-unfriendly fertilizer that is never used by the plant.

Unlike traditional soil sampling, our superior method measures both organic and inorganic nutrients, which provides a complete understanding of how much plant-available NPK is in your soil. By having a clearer picture of all available nutrients, our customers are confident in cutting their fertilizer rates to a level that will still achieve maximum yields and maximum profits.

On average, RightWay users reduce 45 units of N, 16 units of P, and 105 units of K while maintaining yields.

What is our method?

Our RightWay Program replaces the current grid soil sampling system with an up-to-date detailed analysis that improves on-farm fertility management. Using data layers of soil type, slope, elevation, and crop suitability rating, we run an in-field variability analysis on your farm to form 10-acre zones. From these zones, we take a representative sample and send it to a lab where we’ve teamed up with the world’s leading soil scientists for Haney Testing.

The Haney Test uses an extractant that mimics the natural process of root exudates extracting nutrients from the soil. The Haney Test also measures biological activity in the soil. RightWay soil sampling, utilizing our zone creation process and Haney testing, provides growers with lower, more accurate fertilizer recommendations, saving them money while maintaining yield.

What’s included?

  1. A spatial analysis of your field and computer-generated zones to depict variability. Average zone size is 10-acres but can be adjusted as requested.
  2. On-site soil sampling and shipment to soil lab.
  3. Maps on TopSoil showing soil data. Lab results are also available upon request in an excel spreadsheet with a clear explanation of measured items.
  4. Custom variable rate fertilizer recommendations via TopSoil. Work with your TopSoil representative to make fertilizer edits before exporting the recommendations in shapefile format.

We’d love to help you get started and teach you about how you can benefit from the RightWay program.