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Defining sustainability
with our common
soil language.

Improve Profitability

As agronomists and farmers ourselves, our initial goal is to drive instant farm profits. With soil health data and unbiased recommendations, the TopSoil Tool helps farmers start their crop production system on the right foot. Users can create custom recommendation algorithms, factor in soil biology, and assess opportunities to improve regenerative farm management.

Then, by connecting with the worlds leading labs and tech companies, the TopSoil Tool helps to provide direction and freedom for making agronomic decisions for farmers to drive higher yield and higher profit. 


Review test results, organic carbon, biological activity, and plant-available nutrients.


Track your GPS location and toggle field parameters for optimal decisions.


Drop pins, create scouting reports and track as-applied data while in the field.


Data is owned by the farmer, we help to create ROI.



Supply Chain Connections

As the consumer asks where their products come from, farmer data is becoming more valuable. We connect supply chain organizations with farmers to complete the farm-to-fork story. Use TopSoil to create value via sustainability initiatives by using data to make meaningful claims and scalable change.



Guaranteed Data Security

Data security is of utmost importance. Users maintain data ownership and choose how data is utilized within TopSoil Network initiatives. The sustainability message is valuable, your data should be too!

Continuum Ag’s approach to sustainable agriculture has proven a $300/acre return in profits

Features and Benefits

  • Web-based data mapping and boundary integration
  • Unbiased soil fertility recommendations
  • Harvest and as-applied data analytics
  • Scouting tool
  • Imagery integration
  • Easy, user-controlled data sharing
  • Crop planning and data verification tools
  • Auto zones
  • Auto recommendations
  • Online payments
  • Custom services
  • TopSoil resources library


  • No mobile app needed, fully web-based
  • Integrate data from any lab, monitor, or file type
  • Gain unbiased variable-rate recommendations instantly
  • Access educational materials and network experts
  • Evaluate opportunities to profit from your data.

TopSoil Network


Global network of leading soil consultants.

TopSoil consultants have access to data analytics systems, new products, tools, and services that they can utilize and implement, adding additional value to their services.

Farmers can sign up for the TopSoil Network to gain better access to products and independent data, as well as supply chain opportunities.

Food and ag companies are able to team up with the TopSoil Network to gain access to farmland and soil data and to gain opportunities to connect regeneratively produced farm products with consumers demanding sustainable sourcing, thereby driving economic benefit to all involved stakeholders.

Consultants have access to data analytics systems, new products, tools and services that they can utilize and implement to add value to their services.

TopSoil is free to get started. Map your fields, gain insights, and evaluate available tools to help your farm become more economically resilient and environmentally sustainable.