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Spring Success by Lowering Your CI Score with Regenerative Agriculture

What the CI Calculator can do for you

As the spring season approaches, farmers everywhere are gearing up for planting season. This is a crucial time to implement practices that not only enhance productivity but also contribute to helping you lower your Carbon Intensity (CI) Score for your 2024 crop. 

Lowering Your CI Score with Regenerative Practices

Regenerative practices offer powerful solutions for reducing CI Scores. By incorporating strategies such as cover cropping, reduced tillage, and nutrient management, farmers can see a substantial decrease in their CI Score. While it may be too late to plant cover crops for the current reporting year, there are still opportunities to enact impactful changes:

1. Skip Spring Tillage: Consider forgoing spring tillage passes, a common practice in conventional agriculture. By minimizing soil disturbance, you can preserve soil structure, enhance microbial activity, and reduce carbon loss—a win-win for both productivity and sustainability.

2. Optimize Nutrient Management: In some regions, there’s still time to apply manure, offering a natural alternative to synthetic fertilizers. Even without access to manure, farmers can adjust in-season fertilizer applications to minimize synthetic inputs, thereby lowering their CI Score while promoting soil health.

3. Utilize CI Calculator: Curious about the potential impact of these practices on your CI Score? Once you have your CI Score unlocked through, tools like the CI Calculator are available for you to use. This resource empowers farmers to quantify the benefits of regenerative practices and make informed decisions for their operations.

The Regen Roadmap

Navigating the transition to regenerative agriculture can feel daunting, but support is readily available. Enter the Regen Roadmap, a comprehensive resource designed to guide farmers on their journey towards sustainability. Through the Regen Roadmap, farmers gain access to expert advice, tailored recommendations, and actionable insights to implement regenerative practices effectively.

At Continuum Ag, we have Regen Success Agronomists who are professionals equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist farmers every step of the way. Whether you’re a newcomer to regenerative agriculture or seasoned with these practices, these agronomists provide personalized guidance to ensure your success.

The Regen Roadmap is priced at $5/acre, however, if you purchase CI Certification (priced at $5/acre), you can bundle both at the same time for $8/acre to save!

Planting Season and Beyond

As planting season approaches, now is the perfect time to invest in regenerative practices that not only optimize productivity but also lower your CI Score. If you’re considering planting cover crops to lower your 2025 CI Score, the Regen Roadmap offers tailored recommendations to suit your operation’s unique needs.

Whether you’re just beginning your regenerative journey or seeking to enhance existing practices, The Regen Roadmap provides the roadmap to success—all season long.

The screenshot shows you what you would see after purchasing your CI score, and it gives you options below to toggle between practices to see how you could change your score, depending on a change of practice.

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