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Spring Success by Lowering Your CI Score with Regenerative Agriculture

What the CI Calculator can do for you

As the spring season approaches, farmers everywhere are gearing up for planting season. This is a crucial time to implement practices that not only enhance productivity but also contribute to helping you lower your Carbon Intensity (CI) Score for your 2024 crop.  Lowering Your CI Score with Regenerative Practices Regenerative practices offer powerful solutions for […]

The BIG Soil Health Event – 2023

Continuum Ag's CEO & Founder Mitchell Hora spoke to farmers about the importance of knowing your Carbon Intensity Score at the UnCommon Farms Event in Florida.

The second annual BIG Soil Health Event was held in Cedar Falls, IA this year, and did not fail to amaze. More than 400 farmers, ranchers, and ag professionals showed up to learn more about soil health and the real-world implications of our past, present, and future with and without healthy soil. We had the […]

Expanding Our Sustainability Efforts Beyond The U.S.

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag speaks at a convention about Carbon Intensity.

Hey everyone, wanted to provide an update and a quick blog about my trip to the Netherlands. I’ve returned home, and throughout my entire trip I did not see one person wearing wooden shoes (what a total bummer). This trip to the Netherlands came up fairly last minute, a couple weeks ago we were notified […]

FLOLO Farm’s Field Day – An Intern’s Perspective

Step-by-step regenerative ag guidance from Continuum Ag. Your Digital Roadmap to Soil Health Success.

Loran Steinlage’s field day this past week in West Union, Iowa was an event unlike most. Granted, I haven’t been to many field days other than our own, but I was incredibly impressed. The speakers were incredibly diverse, ranging from relay cropping to microbial populations, to how soil health and human health have a direct […]

The 2022 Continuum Ag Field Day

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag sits down with like minded talent to discuss the future of Carbon Intensity.

The crops are planted, and the unofficial start of summer is here! That means it’s almost time for Continuum Ag’s 2022 Field Day. Our team has been preparing for months and we are sure you will enjoy our great line-up of speakers! Check out the days events: Open registration at the event begins at 8:00 […]

Farm Visit: Loran Steinlage

Soil Sampling in Southeast Iowa

This week, we had the opportunity to visit Loran Steinlage’s farm. Loran is a farmer in northeastern Iowa, and is a big name when it comes to regenerative practices. When asked how many generations his family has farmed, Loran says that his grandfather moved here from Germany and he still has relatives farming in Europe. […]

New TopSoil® Features

Catalog explaining the ins and outs of Topsoil.

Continuum Ag has some exciting news! At Continuum Ag, we’re very excited to announce the new features that have just been launched to our TopSoil® software. The Farm Profile, Regen Returns® Report, and Regen Roadmap are all tools that are going to help farmers successfully implement Regenerative Ag on their farms, all while keeping a […]

Building Your Soil Health Community

Discovering the key to soil health.

In any industry, community is something that is very important to cultivate. As a farmer or rancher, what does your community look like? What is your support network? The soil health community is growing quickly, and is beginning to gain momentum. The BIG Soil Health Event was held on Monday and Tuesday this past week, […]

Crop Residue and Why It’s Valuable

A close up look at soil and the organic matter that it is composed of.

Since he began using residue on his farm Brian Hora has learned more about residue management and benefits, and this is what he has to say, “Residue is not only a nutrient source, it is also food for the microbes, adding to our soil biology, and insulating the soil to protect against temperature variation and […]