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The 2022 Farm Progress Show

Case IH tractor out working the fields in Southeast Iowa

Every year, the Farm Progress Show reveals the latest and greatest technology, machinery, and ideas surrounding agriculture. Machinery companies, ag retail, farmers, ranchers, and many others come to the show to see the promising future of agriculture on display, and to determine what they should be spending their time focusing on as we head into […]

A Summer At Continuum Ag – An Interns Perspective

The Continuum Ag teams hit the field for an afternoon of insight.

Working with Continuum this summer, I have learned a lot about regen ag through some of the incredible people I’ve met at field days and farm visits. I learned about the Haney Test and how it can help farmers save money on application costs and help you see what is available in your field. Another […]

FLOLO Farm’s Field Day – An Intern’s Perspective

Step-by-step regenerative ag guidance from Continuum Ag. Your Digital Roadmap to Soil Health Success.

Loran Steinlage’s field day this past week in West Union, Iowa was an event unlike most. Granted, I haven’t been to many field days other than our own, but I was incredibly impressed. The speakers were incredibly diverse, ranging from relay cropping to microbial populations, to how soil health and human health have a direct […]

Stories of Stewardship Pushes Conservation Practices Forward

Sign of Continuum Ag's soil health implementation.

Documentary series highlights local farmers working to make the land better for future generations The Big Pine Creek watershed flows through Johnny Klemme’s backyard. A strong-hold in the area, the 209,000-acre watershed curves through prairies and woodlands, farmlands and fields, nourishing four counties in west central Indiana before emptying directly into the Wabash River. It […]

Water Infiltration

Taking the four wheeler out to the fields in Southeast, Iowa to check out the crops.

Where there’s water, there’s life. That is a saying more for Africa but also appropriate for here in the States. Water is the key to helping plants grow by being part of photosynthesis and moving nutrients through the plant. Where does this water come from? From the ground. Nutrients are drawn up from the soil, […]

From the Road: Arkansas Blog

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag is on the road talking to farmers about their goals.

I recently made the long trip down to Arkansas for my first soil sampling trip for Continuum Ag. It was an action-packed trip, leaving a trail through Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and finally, Arkansas. After being stuck in an elevator in our first night’s hotel stay, it could only get better! An appointment with a bottle […]

What is a C:N ratio, and why does it matter for my farm?

Continuum Ag is your Digital Roadmap for Soil Health Success.

If you ask any farmer what their biggest limiting factors are on their farm, what do you think the biggest answers would be? I think the majority of farmers would say water, soil pH, or nitrogen. However, one of the biggest limiting factors often times gets overlooked; the carbon to nitrogen ratio. The C:N ratio […]

Farm Visit: Loran Steinlage

Soil Sampling in Southeast Iowa

This week, we had the opportunity to visit Loran Steinlage’s farm. Loran is a farmer in northeastern Iowa, and is a big name when it comes to regenerative practices. When asked how many generations his family has farmed, Loran says that his grandfather moved here from Germany and he still has relatives farming in Europe. […]

Ecological Intesification

Regenerative farming practices, including no-till, cover crops, and reduced synthetic inputs, are core to the economic resilience and environmental sustainability of our family farms.

As the demand for sufficient and high-quality food production increases, farmers are under constant pressure to improve and adapt. More emphasis is needed on farming approaches that minimize input cost while maximizing output. What if ecological processes are a way to do this? Biodiversity, especially insects, are often affected negatively by agriculture, but not if […]

New TopSoil® Features

Catalog explaining the ins and outs of Topsoil.

Continuum Ag has some exciting news! At Continuum Ag, we’re very excited to announce the new features that have just been launched to our TopSoil® software. The Farm Profile, Regen Returns® Report, and Regen Roadmap are all tools that are going to help farmers successfully implement Regenerative Ag on their farms, all while keeping a […]