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Continuum Ag’s Soil Sampling Approach

Soil Sampling is vital in understanding how to keep our soil healthy.

Continuum Ag’s Soil Sampling Approach Soil sampling is an important management tool for farmers.  Here at Continuum Ag, we take a bit of a different approach to soil sampling.  When a farmer enters their fields into our TopSoil® platform, we automatically pull in the USGS and SSRGO publicly available data.  We use the slope, elevation, […]

A Year at Continuum Ag

Soil Sampling in Southeast Iowa

Well, where do I start? After almost one year at Continuum Ag, my journey has led me back home, to get away from the ice-cold Iowa winter to a rather hot South Africa! I can’t complain about wearing shorts and a t-shirt! During my time at Continuum, it’s safe to say that I received a […]

FLOLO Farm’s Field Day – An Intern’s Perspective

Step-by-step regenerative ag guidance from Continuum Ag. Your Digital Roadmap to Soil Health Success.

Loran Steinlage’s field day this past week in West Union, Iowa was an event unlike most. Granted, I haven’t been to many field days other than our own, but I was incredibly impressed. The speakers were incredibly diverse, ranging from relay cropping to microbial populations, to how soil health and human health have a direct […]

What is a C:N ratio, and why does it matter for my farm?

Continuum Ag is your Digital Roadmap for Soil Health Success.

If you ask any farmer what their biggest limiting factors are on their farm, what do you think the biggest answers would be? I think the majority of farmers would say water, soil pH, or nitrogen. However, one of the biggest limiting factors often times gets overlooked; the carbon to nitrogen ratio. The C:N ratio […]

How our soil sampling program can benefit your farm

The Data that Continuum Ag uses while out in the fields.

What value does Continuum Ag’s RightWay® soil sampling program deliver to farmers? We get that question a lot, and we get it. You want to know that what you pay for is going to provide value to your operation. What’s different about our program is that we provide insight on your farm that other tests […]

Chasing my PhD in Regenerative Ag

Soil health and the nutrients and organic matter that helps keep our ecosystem thriving.

Greetings! My name is Tucker Gibbons, and I am an agronomist and customer success lead at Continuum Ag. I grew up in small-town Michigan, where I followed my dad around to farms as he tended to livestock and horses as a veterinarian. I found my love for agriculture at a young age doing that with […]

Crop Residue and Why It’s Valuable

A close up look at soil and the organic matter that it is composed of.

Since he began using residue on his farm Brian Hora has learned more about residue management and benefits, and this is what he has to say, “Residue is not only a nutrient source, it is also food for the microbes, adding to our soil biology, and insulating the soil to protect against temperature variation and […]

TopSoil® Tool: New Features, New Value

The features that are accessible with the new updates from Topsoil.

Over the last year, Continuum Ag has been building the agricultural space’s first soil health data analytics platform. We publicly launched the TopSoil® Tool in March 2020 and we’re really excited to share some of the new features that we are now releasing to the public for the fall soil sampling season. The TopSoil® Tool […]

Introducing the 2020 Mega Trial

Products used in the Mega Trial that were performed in 2020.

Today, we want to give an introduction to this year’s “Mega Trial”. Over the last couple of years, Continuum Ag has helped farmers and our overall network to understand products and practices that can help improve soil health. We’ve been working with a wide array of different ag input companies to evaluate products based on […]

Plant 2020: Our Strategy

Planting is under way at the Hora family farm in 2020 and this year they are focusing on sustainability and planting green.

Well, not sure when Mother Nature is going to cooperate, but sometime here spring will stay! Plant 2020 is here! We hope you are excited as we are. It’s important to reflect during this time on the importance of our role as farmers, we are the shepherds of creation. We want to grow our soils, […]