Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health
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Continuum Ag

Leadership Team

Mitchell Hora, Founder & CEO of Continuum Ag

Mitchell Hora

Brad McDonald, COO of Continuum Ag

Brad McDonald

Carolyn King, Vice President of Operations at Continuum Ag

Carolyn King

Justin Freyenberger, Vice President of Product at Continuum Ag

Justin Freyenberger

Diana Rich, Vice President of Marketing at Continuum Ag

Diana Rich

Advisory Board

Christophe Jospe is an Advisory Board Member for Continuum Ag.

Christophe Jospe

Carbon A List
Joel Harris from Ag Startup Engine is one of Continuum Ag's Advisory Board Members.

Joel Harris

Ag Startup Engine
Liz Haney, Soil Regen

Liz Haney

Soil Regen
Margaret Oldham, Ag Launch

Margaret Oldham

Ag Launch
Paul Seidler, Evergreen Climate Innovations

Paul Seidler

Evergreen Climate Innovations
Spencer Stensrude, Ag Ventures Alliance

Spencer Stensrude

Ag Ventures Alliance
Brian and Theresa Hora, Precision Partners

Brian and Theresa Hora

Precision Partners
Nutrient rich soil breaks through.

Help the regenerative movement grow.

Continuum Ag is continually growing as we work to help our local farming communities. Find out about current job openings on our team, and help us make a difference in the world.