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Dean Colling

Regen Success Agronomist

Dean joined the team in 2023 as an RSA Regen Success Agronomist, where his primary focus is assisting farmers with technical and agronomic advice related to regenerative agriculture and carbon intensity. His mission is to make a positive impact on customers’ operations by enhancing soil health, optimizing Carbon Intensity, and ensuring a return on investment. Dean is dedicated to building trusted relationships with growers and clients, fostering an enjoyable work environment with co-workers in a smaller company that values a familial atmosphere. 

Dean brings a wealth of experience to his role, having worked as a Sales Agronomist in the Ag retail and seed sectors, as a Resource Management Specialist collaborating with Soil Conservation districts and NRCS, and in Seed Sales for both national brands and local Independents. His expertise also extends to Precision farming technology and Crop Consulting. Additionally, Dean has hands-on farming experience, operating 600 acres of corn and soybeans since 2016 while engaging in Crop Consulting and contract work for Bayer. He holds certifications as a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) and NRCS Certified Nutrient Management Specialist. `

Growing up on a farm in Howard, South Dakota, Dean has a deep-rooted connection to agriculture. His family farm, where they cultivated corn, soybeans, raised feeder cattle, and participated in 4H hog shows, remains a part of his life as he currently rents some of the family farm ground and collaborates with a farming partner on additional acres. Now residing in Howard, South Dakota, Dean’s interests also include modified V8 tractor pulling and restoring muscle cars, although he now focuses on showcasing a few antiques at local shows. In his free time, outside of farming and consulting, Dean is a proud father of five boys.

Dean Colling is a Regen Success Agronomist at Continuum Ag.