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Gene Flynn

Sales Agronomist

Gene Flynn is a Sales Agronomist at Continuum Ag, joining the team in 2024. His primary focus is on expanding and supporting the CI scoring program at Continuum Ag. Gene brings experience and expertise to the role, aiming to help farmers maximize their potential and profitability in an exciting time for the agricultural industry.

Originally from Nevada, Iowa, Gene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. He has a diverse background, starting with farming until 2011, after which he returned to college and graduated in 2015. Gene then worked in agricultural parts until 2022, when he transitioned into agronomy sales.

In 2004, Gene was honored with the Good Farm Neighbor Award, recognizing his contributions and commitment to the farming community. He owns and lives on an 80-acre farm in Story County, which he manages alongside his agronomy career.

Gene is married to Patty, and together they have three daughters, Lilly, Kyla, and Monica, and a son, Josh. Outside of work, Gene enjoys spending time in their extensive gardens and riding Harleys with Patty.

Gene is excited to join Continuum Ag, as he sees great potential for farmers to thrive and is eager to support them in achieving success.

Gene Flynn Sales Agronomist at Continuum Ag