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Jessica Kott

Sales Agronomist

Sales Agronomist

Jessica joined Continuum as an intern, eventually transitioning to a full-time role in 2023. As a dedicated Sales Agronomist, she adeptly manages dealers within her territory, collaborates with the intern team, and engages in meaningful conversations with growers in the direct-to-grower network. Her overarching goal is to assist farmers in maximizing profitability, fueled by a profound passion for preserving small farms and rural communities.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business, complemented by minors in Public Relations, Commodity Risk Management, and Agribusiness Marketing, she brings a well-rounded skill set to her endeavors. Her professional journey includes impactful internships with Agtegra, Syngenta, and Sound Agriculture, where she honed her skills in agronomy.

Her leadership roles are reflective of her dynamic personality – a Senator for her college and the President of the Collegiate Farm Bureau Club. Even in high school, she was a State 4-H Ambassador, serving on the officer team in her region and within her school’s FFA.

Rooted in a rich agricultural background, Jessica grew up on a commercial sheep and cattle operation in Platte, SD, overseeing approximately 700 commercial ewes and 200 commercial cows. Her formative years were marked by active involvement in rodeo and competitive sheep showing across the region, a shared passion with her sister and brother. Currently residing in Movile, IA, Jessica continues to be a driving force in the agricultural landscape, combining her experiences and expertise to make a positive impact.

Jessica Kott is a Sales Agronomist at Continuum Ag.