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Steven Dearden

Regen Success Agronomist

Regen Success Agronomist

Since joining the team in 2023, Steven has proven to be a valuable asset to Continuum Ag. As a Regen Success Agronomist, he plays a key role in consultant clients on delivering Regen Roadmaps to their farmer networks. Steven actively collaborates with individual farmers, providing them with personalized Regen Roadmap recommendations and engaging in discussions about Carbon Intensity and its benefits for their operations. His goal is to assist farmers in achieving improved soil health through regenerative practices such as cover crops and no-till, ensuring healthier soils for future generations.

Steven is a graduate of Delaware Valley University, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a minor in Crop Science. Additionally, he pursued a Master’s degree in Agronomy, specializing in Crop Production & Physiology, at Iowa State University.

Possessing a diverse range of on-farm experience, Steven has worked on both small family farms and large grain operations. His hands-on involvement extends to in-field agronomic research during his master’s program at Iowa State University. Since 2023, he has also been farming independently.

Residing in Murray, Iowa, Steven finds joy in farming and caring for cattle. Beyond his agricultural pursuits, he has a passion for outdoor activities, particularly enjoying archery and hunting.

Steven Dearden is a Regen Success Agronomist at Continuum Ag.