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Trisha Peterson

Director of Product Development

Tricia started at Continuum Ag in February 2024 as the Director of Product Development. At Continuum Ag, Tricia’s responsibilities include leading the Software Development team while closely collaborating with our Vice President of Product Development on priorities as well as crafting new software features to enhance our proprietary software, TopSoil.Ag.

Tricia’s educational foundation includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kansas State University, where she also pursued a Minor in Music, showcasing her interests and skills.

Her professional journey unfolded over 5.5 years at CNH Industrial, where she initially worked as an Embedded Software Engineer before transitioning into a leadership role as a Software Team Lead. While at CNH, Tricia made significant contributions working within the Precision and Vehicle Electronics department, including the evolution of the AFS Pro1200 displays, particularly in refining the 3D Map and Yield Monitor components.

Tricia grew up on a small dairy farm in northeast Kansas alongside four brothers and a sister. Today, she calls southern Illinois home, where she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and gardening. Tricia also has a love for music and enjoys playing the violin, fiddle, piano, and organ. 

Tricia Schmitz is the Director of Product Development at Continuum Ag.