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TopSoil® Tool Launches New Features

From an event with Topsoil

In 2020 Continuum Ag received our first round of venture capital investment. These funds were to be utilized to expand our team as we implemented early go-to-market, develop our software, TopSoil®, and complete legal milestones for business success.  We were shifting from a direct-to-farmer consulting company to a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) organization.  We are still working with farmers, however, now consultants around the world can utilize our TopSoil® software to bring soil health data analytics to their clients.

Today, we’re excited to launch new features to our TopSoil® Tool to help farmers and consultants monetize soil health and participate in carbon markets and other sustainability efforts. We’re launching our auto zones tool, auto recs tool, online payments portal, resources page and our customized services offerings for our TopSoil® consultants.  Now consultants can plug in their own service offerings, customize their pricing, and automate billing all within TopSoil®!

Check out our new features and log in to your TopSoil® account to see for yourself!

New features include:

1. Auto zones

TopSoil®’s auto zone feature will generate machine learning-backed zones upon submitting your fields. This feature is free!  Many of our consultants utilize these 10ac zones, however, we can bring in existing zone shapefiles, generate grid samples, and edit zones to fit each field’s needs.

2. Auto recommendations

As a consultant, enter your custom recommendation formulas or choose from our list of available options. TopSoil® automatically pulls data from the lab after your samples have been analyzed and links the sample data with the map.  Our new auto recommendations tool runs your chosen formulas so all you have to do is tweak the recommendation map and approve the final the results for your farmer. TopSoil® is scaling the science of agriculture so consultants and farmers can optimize their art.

3. Online payment portal

Consultants can now send invoices and receive electronic payments for services rendered via TopSoil®. Reduce your time on Quickbooks, get paid faster, and make client lives easier via the online payments portal!  Farmers, you can choose to pay online and simplify your agronomic management.  All invoices are customizable and our system keeps the consultant in charge.

4. TopSoil® Resources Page

The resources page provides a simple index of educational materials for farmers, consultants, companies, and landowners to access. Check out information featuring cover crops, soil health data tools, carbon markets and more.  Soil health, regenerative ag, and carbon markets are still emerging and changing all the time.  Stay educated as we aim to provide simple resources and build our network together.

5. Custom services list for consultants

TopSoil® consultants can customize their offerings and improve communications with farmers via our custom work-ordering tools.  It’s e-commerce for agronomists as you onboard into the TopSoil® Network.  Choose from our available list and add your own services to simplify the ordering process and systemization of your company.  All offerings include custom pricing.

In 2021, Continuum Ag is continuing to expand and explore venture capital opportunities as we shift our TopSoil® Tool developments to ensure that farmers are being optimally rewarded for their adoption of regenerative ag systems.  Carbon and other ecosystem service markets are at the forefront of on-farm discussions but navigating these offerings can be complicated and cumbersome.  TopSoil® farmers can enroll with the click of a button to optimize data flow and ensure success in-market initiatives.  Contact us today to complete your onboarding or get a demo, and stay tuned for more updates from Continuum Ag as we emerge as the catalyst for sustainable agriculture.

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