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TopSoil® Tool: New Features, New Value

The features that are accessible with the new updates from Topsoil.

Over the last year, Continuum Ag has been building the agricultural space’s first soil health data analytics platform. We publicly launched the TopSoil® Tool in March 2020 and we’re really excited to share some of the new features that we are now releasing to the public for the fall soil sampling season. The TopSoil® Tool is owned by Continuum Ag and helps to integrate soil health data from a wide array of soil testing labs with yield information, as-applied data, imagery and other agronomic insights.

New On-Boarding Feature

You can now draw your field’s boundary within the TopSoil® Tool:


RightWay® Sampling – Fall 2020

Continuum Ag’s bread and butter of the last few years has been our RightWay® soil management program. The RightWay® program is a 10-acre zone analysis system that utilizes the Haney soil health test. Our delivery back to your farm is an unbiased variable rate recommendation that will help you optimize your fertility management this fall. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen that with better analysis of the soil and better spatial management you can gain a direct return on investment for your farming operation.
The RightWay® program is not expensive, it’s about the same cost as your regular soil sampling program. We at Continuum Ag are passionate about giving you unbiased recommendations to help you move the needle on your farm.

2020 Pilot Projects

We get asked all the time, “How is RightWay® different from regular soil sampling?”
zone soil sampling
We are doing direct pilot projects throughout Iowa and Tennessee to show you directly how RightWay® differs from a regular soil sampling program. What we find is that RightWay® creates better spatial accuracy. The zone program we use utilizes bare earth analysis, lidar, and other topography data layers to create better zones. We then go out to those zones and pull the soil samples using our TopSoil® Tool and then send those samples off the specific labs to run the Haney soil health test. This helps us to not only quantify the soil’s phosphorus, potassium, pH, and organic matter but also quantify plant-available nutrients, micronutrients, organic compounds in the soil, organic carbon, and biological activity (the real driver of nutrient availability in our soils).

top soil tool
At the end of the day, we’re just delivering a better analysis, a better soil assessment for a very simpler price. We feel really proud of what we have been able to accomplish with the RightWay® program.

Future TopSoil® Tool Features

Continuum Ag has a software team of four people. This team is diligently adding new features to the tool all the time. Our focus is to help you to not only create short-term better decision making to manage fertility but we are also helping you to fit into carbon markets and sustainability initiatives and bring as many features to the table as possible. Our focus is to make sure these features are easy to use, actionable and provide value to your farm.

You can sign up for an account for free at We would love your feedback on the new site! Whether you’re a farmer, an agronomy company or a supply chain company looking to fit into this sustainability space, we have features ready to help you do so. Continue to learn with us and we continue to quantify and improve soil health!

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