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What is Continuum Ag?

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag, is out in the fields checking out this year's plant progress.

What is Continuum Ag?

Continuum Ag is a soil health consulting company fueled by our new custom analytics software. With this software, we can quantify and improve soil health around the world. As we fine-tuning our services, we are  working with farmers, consultants and agribusinesses to design a unique plan that logistically and economically advances their soil health efforts.

WHAT exactly IS soil health? Why is it important?

Soil health to us equates to balance, resiliency and efficiency that is less dependent upon chemical inputs. . Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, forests, grasslands and plentiful crops that become food on our dinner plates. Think, “You are what you eat.” Continuum Ag is dedicated to improving the health of your soil and creating balance through the supply chain!
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Our Process

Continuum Ag is quantifying soil health. We’re consulting with farmers but scaling that system through our machine learning analytics platform. It brings in data in real time from labs, tech, satellites and aerial imagery. We can connect many different layers of agronomic data, resulting in analytics to link the farm all the way through to the end consumer,” said Founder and CEO of Continuum Ag, Mitchell Hora.

Continuum Ag is able to connect the consumer to the very foundation of sustainable agriculture –  healthy soil. We’re seeing that in regenerative ag, and sustainably sourced crops , there is a lack of consistency, standards and direction on how we’re going to quantify, monitor and show progress in soil health. Continuum Ag has been collecting thorough soil information for four years and has amassed the largest private data set of soil health information. We are now synthesizing that information to establish standards for monitoring soil health. We can monitor carbon, water quality improvements, water holding capacity in the soil, and nutrient density parameters.
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Continuum Ag is also implementing techniques like cover crops. We’re also testing products like biologicals and stabilizers These are all tools that can help us improve soil and make meaningful progress quickly. We’re engaging with leading ag companies and food organizations who are going to be able to help us tell this story to the end consumer.

We hope you connect with us to see the real potential to actually make meaningful change on the farm using real technology and real solutions that create a system that provides value and ROI for all including the consumer, the farmer and the environment

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re interested in Continuum Ag’s services or you’d like to learn about the products we work with, please email us at

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