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About Continuum Ag

Our Story

Mitchell Hora founded Continuum Ag in 2015 as an agricultural consulting company, specializing in the Haney Soil Health Test. Today, Continuum is a soil health data intelligence company using their proprietary tool called TopSoil® to enable farmers to profit from improving their soil health. 

Regenerative Ag is the future and it simply is a better system for farmers.  Carbon Intensity,  sustainability, and other environmental outcomes are now bringing corporate players to the table.  The company has been able to take this opportunity in stride and serves as a catalyst to enable collaboration between farmers and supply chain partners.

FAQ' About Continuum Ag

We are farmers ourselves, not big city investors. We understand the skepticism surrounding big data agriculture tech companies as we are skeptics ourselves. We created this company to be a useful safe haven for us farmers to get paid for our hard work without having to worry about who owns our data or using it without our knowledge. 

No. All data rights remain with the farmer. We simply help the farmer get paid for it.

Every event that occurs on a farm creates valuable data tied to it. Every field pass, planting event, and yield map contains information that companies are wanting to pay for. Continuum Ag relies on their software, TopSoil, to collect, house and organize data to help farmers participate in programs to get them paid.

Every farm produces a new valuable asset in the form of data. At Continuum, we help farmers understand what the value of their data is and help them optimize and capitalize on it.

Continuum Ag is a company founded by farmers, for farmers, with a mission to help 1 million farmers profit from their farm data.

What products does Continuum Ag offer?

RightWay sampling is for farmers interested in quantifying their soil health and receiving variable rate fertilizer recommendations for NPK. RightWay soil sampling measures both organic and inorganic nutrients, which provides a complete understanding of how much plant available nutrients are in the soil. Unlike traditional sampling, farmers will receive nitrogen recommendations along with P&K. RightWay soil sampling prevents farmers from over applying (and wasting money on) fertilizer that is never utilized by the plant.

This product is for farmers who are interested in improving their CI score but are concerned with losing yield when implementing the practices needed to lower a score. The Regen Roadmap is a digital prescription for how to execute best practices specific to an operation to ensure success.

All data associated with the bushels produced need to go through a verification process in order for a farmer to receive a premium for their grain. CI Certification by Continuum Ag provides the easy button for farmers to go through the verification process to certify their bushels. 

A CI Score is a farm’s carbon footprint per bushel of grain produced. The score is calculated using farmer data to determine the footprint. A score of 0 is carbon neutral. This product is for farmers who are interested in knowing their personal CI score and the industry value associated with it.

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Our Values

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Forward Thinking

We focus our efforts on how they will affect not only our future but the future of our customers as well.

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Always Do the Right Thing

An important value for our personal and professional lives, we always think of what the consequences will be.

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Relentless Innovation

We work together to continue moving forward and bringing new ideas to the table for the company and our customers.

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We strive to bring only the best as we move forward for the agricultural community. We work to help those around us succeed in their operations and life.

Soil Sampling is vital in understanding how to keep our soil healthy.

Sharing our expertise for a sustainable future.

Continuum Ag is working to engage, teach, and inspire farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet, and utilizing the power of technology to do so.