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Justin Render Case Study

A Farmer’s Journey | How Justin Increased Profitability on his Farm

Learn how Justin is gaining knowledge about regenerative practices and implementation with the help of Continuum Ag.

Research and content assembled by Maddy Kollasch and Emily Hora | 2022

Justin Render, a dedicated farmer hailing from Southeast Iowa, has been the proud steward of a thriving 500-acre row crop and livestock operation alongside his wife since 2007. What sets Justin apart is not just his commitment to agriculture but his passion for the often-overlooked aspect of farming – soil health. For the past few years, Justin has been at the forefront of regenerative practices to build and maintain the health of his soil. 

In recent times, Justin has taken a significant stride towards sustainable farming by enrolling 240 acres in Continuum Ag’s innovative RightWay® soil sampling program. In collaboration with Continuum Ag, a trusted partner in agricultural innovation, Justin is thrilled to witness a remarkable transformation on his farm.

The RightWay® soil sampling program is set to be the catalyst for a positive change in Justin’s row crop operation. By leveraging this cutting-edge program, he anticipates a substantial improvement in his farm’s profitability – a staggering $121 per acre. This is not merely a financial gain; it’s a testament to Justin’s commitment to sustainability and his belief in the power of regenerative practices.

What sets Continuum Ag apart in Justin’s eyes is more than just their technological solutions; it’s the valuable support and knowledge-sharing that comes with it. Justin is excited to have a reliable partner to turn to whenever questions arise regarding his regenerative practices.