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SCORE & WIN BIG . . Continuum Introduces CI Certification!

All of the elements that help grow a successful Carbon Intensity Certification.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, the CI (Carbon Intensity) Certificate. Our CI Certificate process makes it easy for farmers to generate their personalized, accurate, CI scores via our TopSoil® platform.  CI Certification puts growers and their advisors in the driver’s seat to integrate data, evaluate field-level CI scores, and independently achieve 3rd party verification.  With verified CI scores in hand, farmers can garner premiums via biofuel supply chains for low carbon intensity (CI) grain.

The CI Certificate is made specifically for farmers, by farmers. . . It’s the showcase and culmination of a growers investment of time, effort and energy placed on aggregating their farm data.  It is the “easy button” for estimating the value of farming practices and carbon footprint impact. Farmers will always own and be in-control of their data; Continuum Ag supplies a secure method for farmers to get paid for their efforts.

CI Certification is changing the game, here is a quick example of how this producer can maximize the ROI on their farm:

FARMER + CI Certification: ROI Impact Example

Baseline: 1,500 acres of corn, 200 APH & default farming practices

CI Baseline = 20.7*

45z biofuel tax credit value = $135,000   ($0.45/bu)**

CI Certification can lead to BIG dollars, changing practices optimizes the potential:

50 lb. NPK reduction:

New CI = 19.1*

45z Value = $162,000 ($0.54/bu)**

Change to No-Till:

New CI = 20.3*

45z Value = $141,000 ($0.47/bu)**

Add Cover Crops:

New CI = 4.5*

45z Value = $396,000 ($1.32/bu)**

Add Cover Crops + Change to No-Till:

New CI = -0.2*

45z Value = $474,000 ($01.58/bu)**

“Folks that know farming, know us,” says Chad Scebold, VP of Sales with Continuum Ag. “As a farmer, I love to help my fellow farmers maximize the value of every bushel.  At Continuum Ag, working with growers is what we know, and what we are good at.”

Ryan Speer, a 6,000 acre grower in Bentley, Kansas is 100% dialed in with CI Scoring and CI Certification.  “I am doing a lot of the things already that qualify my farm {to be low CI Scored Grain} and I intend to capitalize by being first in line for premiums.” 

At Continuum Ag, we are excited about helping farmers learn more about carbon intensity and providing an easy solution for them to get paid premiums for their sustainably sourced production.

Chad SceboldDirector of Sales // Continuum ————–

* CI score based on GREET model defaults for Washington County, IA. Individual results are based on actual location

** Anticipated value to biofuel industry via the 45z tax credit starting January 2025

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