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We Strive to Win in Soil Health Success

Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health.

We Strive to Win in Soil Health Success

“We will succeed where others have failed because we are farmer focused first.”

This was the winning message Continuum delivered during their joint presentation with Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) last week at the Mass Challenge competition in Geneva, Switzerland. Continuum was represented by COO, Brad McDonald, while Olivier Hamy represented LDC as the COO of their Carbon Solutions Platform. Together, the two companies presented their intention of helping farmers succeed at implementing regen practices in order to reduce LDC’s carbon impact.

The message was clear, when we help farmers increase their profitability from regen ag, the entire industry becomes more sustainable. It all starts with farmer success.

There were 516 series A companies that applied for the Mass Challenge. From the initial pool, 6 companies were selected by large corporations, including LDC and Nestle, to collaborate on a joint go-to-market strategy. Each of the 6 pairs were invited to Geneva on Friday, May 26th to present their intentions to a Mass Challenge jury. By unanimous decision, Continuum and LDC’s pilot was chosen as the Grand Champion.

Next steps for the Continuum/LDC collaboration include taking advantage of the Carbon Intensity tax credits in the United States, specifically in Iowa where Continuum is headquartered and LDC operates a grain elevator.

Hailey Harbison
Marketing Intern // Continuum Ag

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