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Xtreme Ag Joins the Billion Bushel Challenge

Kelly Garrett form Xtreme Ag is partnering with Continuum Ag's Billion Bushel Challenge.

We are thrilled to share that Kelly Garrett … and the entire Xtreme Ag team are joining forces with Continuum Ag’s Billion Bushel Challenge.  As one of the founding fathers of, Kelly and his fellow partners are bridging the gap in sustainable agriculture. 

“Xtreme Ag is providing programs that are designed to help unlock the value and provide new revenue opportunities on every acre, helping to improve the soil health and helping farmers to begin the transition to conservation agronomy. This is a great step forward” says Kelly. 

Continuum Ag launched the Billion Bushel Challenge on November, 20, 2023, with the mission to build awareness, foster creativity and enable collaboration between farmers and biofuel manufacturers.

“I’m so excited to have Xtreme ag involved from the get go in the Billion Bushel Challenge,” said Mitchell Hora, CEO & Founder of Continuum Ag. “Kelly was one of the first farmers I hit up about CI months ago and the whole team is the real deal! Talk about visibility, impact, rewards … the Xtreme Ag network is in optimal alignment and they are dedicated to helping farmers understand the benefits of regenerative agricultural practices and are actively collaborating with innovative companies for a sustainable agricultural future.”

Entering the carbon market in 2020, Kelly Garrett knows the value of carbon intensity (CI) efforts. With his sustainable farming practices, Garret holds an impressive CI score of -5.2. Garrett also has great success with corn yield, winning multiple top yield state titles along with being a National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest winner. 

“Farmers used to view their neighbors as competition and hold things very privately. But with Xtreme Ag we are a peer group that is sharing its collective knowledge and methods of how to overcome Xtreme challenges of the environment, equipment, technology, products and helping to understand sustainability programs and offers that increase your ROI,” expresses Kelly.

Garrett credits his accomplishments to collaboration with farmers around the country to learn different techniques and practices to better his fields, which is exactly the mission of Xtreme Ag. 

“The goal of the Billion Bushel challenge is to help farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health. Continuum Ag is working to activate and encourage farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet and utilizing the power of technology to do so,” says Continuum Ag’s Founder & CEO Mitchell Hora. 

With Xtreme Ag’s impressive networking system, Continuum Ag hopes to help farmers around the country become more aware of carbon intensity and the impact it will have on agriculture in the future. 

“This is going to be fun, the  Xtreme Ag team showcases some of the best in the business. Their highly optimized farm operations are poised to have some of the lowest CI Scores in the nation,” said Chad Scebold,  Vice President Sales & Business Development.   “I have no doubt that Kelly and the XtremeAg team will excel with this challenge!”

Join #Team XTREME AG in the Billion Bushel Challenge today!

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