Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health
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Jacob Farms Joins the Billion Bushel Challenge 

Jacob Farms - Billion Bushel Challenge Team

Continuum Ag is excited to highlight our partnership with Jacob Farms in the Billion Bushel Challenge, led by Ryan Speer heading the ‘No Tillers’ team. Based in Sedgwick, Kansas, Ryan Speer became a valuable addition to Jacob Farms in 2003. Addressing challenges such as wind and water erosion, Jacob Farms implemented no-till practices, witnessing remarkable […]

Xtreme Ag Joins the Billion Bushel Challenge

Kelly Garrett form Xtreme Ag is partnering with Continuum Ag's Billion Bushel Challenge.

We are thrilled to share that Kelly Garrett … and the entire Xtreme Ag team are joining forces with Continuum Ag’s Billion Bushel Challenge.  As one of the founding fathers of, Kelly and his fellow partners are bridging the gap in sustainable agriculture.  “Xtreme Ag is providing programs that are designed to help unlock […]

“Mitchell’s Takeaways From His First Time in Brazil”

Continuum Ag is working to engage, teach, and inspire farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet, and utilizing the power of technology to do so.

Hey everybody, Mitchell writing to you here today! I wanted to share my experience and takeaways from my recent trip to Brazil, where we got to see a large portion of the country & meet with various different people & companies. Continuum Ag has been working closely with Carroll Family Farms, who invited us to […]

Relay Rye – Trials & Success

Harvesting Low Carbon Intensity Grain with a Claas Combine.

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve had a successful harvest season. Things went well on our farm this year despite having drought like conditions throughout the growing season. Corn yields were not where we wanted them to be, but soybean yields really amazed us that they were still on par with averages that we have seen […]

Breaking Stubborn Patterns to Reach Success.

Sun sets over a field in Southeast Iowa, where regenerative practices are effective.

From family dynamics, to massive debt, to uncertainty in future markets, farmers today face a very wide variety of problems. Dealing with these in a multi-generational operation can be extremely difficult, especially when the farm’s success has majorly been because previous generations have bred into the family a hard-nosed, hard working, and sometimes stubborn mentality. […]

Stories of Stewardship Pushes Conservation Practices Forward

Sign of Continuum Ag's soil health implementation.

Documentary series highlights local farmers working to make the land better for future generations The Big Pine Creek watershed flows through Johnny Klemme’s backyard. A strong-hold in the area, the 209,000-acre watershed curves through prairies and woodlands, farmlands and fields, nourishing four counties in west central Indiana before emptying directly into the Wabash River. It […]

Farm Flight – Imagery Simplified

Satellite images from Farm Flight, a feature that is available in Topsoil.

Farm Flight has provided Continuum Ag with actionable imagery data on some of our client’s fields for the past two years. We are excited to share some of the advantages they provide with you! Farm Flight uses UAV and satellite imagery to provide a wide range of data over several spectral layers including NDVI, RGB […]

From the Road: Arkansas Blog

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag is on the road talking to farmers about their goals.

I recently made the long trip down to Arkansas for my first soil sampling trip for Continuum Ag. It was an action-packed trip, leaving a trail through Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and finally, Arkansas. After being stuck in an elevator in our first night’s hotel stay, it could only get better! An appointment with a bottle […]

Farm Visit: Loran Steinlage

Soil Sampling in Southeast Iowa

This week, we had the opportunity to visit Loran Steinlage’s farm. Loran is a farmer in northeastern Iowa, and is a big name when it comes to regenerative practices. When asked how many generations his family has farmed, Loran says that his grandfather moved here from Germany and he still has relatives farming in Europe. […]

Your Soil’s Winter Blanket

Corn growing through healthy soil in Southeast, Iowa.

Day in and day out, farmers face issues that they have no control over. Input costs, prices of commodities, government regulation, and equipment breakdowns are just a few of the inevitable problems that farmers have to deal with year round. While these issues cannot be avoided, they can be prepared for, and cultivating healthy soil […]