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Driving the Change with Carbon Intensity

Continuum Ag's CEO & Founder Mitchell Hora spoke to farmers about the importance of knowing your Carbon Intensity Score at the UnCommon Farms Event in Florida.

This has been a really busy year so far. In January alone I traveled across 12 states attending meetings and conferences as well as speaking at a variety of conferences and events across the US. I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few of my key takeaways and some observations about what’s […]

Welcome to 2024: The Year of Carbon Intensity! 

Mitchell Hora, CEO & Founder of Continuum Ag talking about the value of Low CI Grain.

As I reflect on 2023, I am incredibly grateful for the strides Continuum Ag has made. Last year our team nearly tripled in size, and we achieved huge success across the board which gets me super pumped about the expectations of this new year. I think 2024 is shaping up to be Continuum Ag’s biggest year yet […]

Continuum Ag Launches Billion Bushel Challenge

The sun sets on a successful corn harvest in Southeast Iowa.

Farmers take Charge with Carbon Intensity Scores; Empowering Visibility, Control, and Rewards with Low Carbon Intensity Grain Needed for BioFuel Production. Washington, Iowa — November 20, 2023 — With an estimated 6 Billion Bushels being used for Ethanol production next year, Continuum Ag has set their sights on helping the industry SCORE (Carbon Intensity Score) […]

SCORE & WIN BIG . . Continuum Introduces CI Certification!

All of the elements that help grow a successful Carbon Intensity Certification.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, the CI (Carbon Intensity) Certificate. Our CI Certificate process makes it easy for farmers to generate their personalized, accurate, CI scores via our TopSoil® platform.  CI Certification puts growers and their advisors in the driver’s seat to integrate data, evaluate field-level CI scores, and independently […]

Continuum Ag’s Soil Sampling Approach

Soil Sampling is vital in understanding how to keep our soil healthy.

Continuum Ag’s Soil Sampling Approach Soil sampling is an important management tool for farmers.  Here at Continuum Ag, we take a bit of a different approach to soil sampling.  When a farmer enters their fields into our TopSoil® platform, we automatically pull in the USGS and SSRGO publicly available data.  We use the slope, elevation, […]

Growing Our Team

Continuum Ag is a soil health data intelligence company using a proprietary tool, called TopSoil® to enable farmers to profit from improving their soil health.

Continuum Ag is soil health simplified, and we are here to help guide you down the regen pathway to help you profit off your bottom line. As we continue to help farmers across the world better their soil health, we also continue to grow our team to make our goals and our customers’ goals a […]

Breaking Stubborn Patterns to Reach Success.

Sun sets over a field in Southeast Iowa, where regenerative practices are effective.

From family dynamics, to massive debt, to uncertainty in future markets, farmers today face a very wide variety of problems. Dealing with these in a multi-generational operation can be extremely difficult, especially when the farm’s success has majorly been because previous generations have bred into the family a hard-nosed, hard working, and sometimes stubborn mentality. […]

FLOLO Farm’s Field Day – An Intern’s Perspective

Step-by-step regenerative ag guidance from Continuum Ag. Your Digital Roadmap to Soil Health Success.

Loran Steinlage’s field day this past week in West Union, Iowa was an event unlike most. Granted, I haven’t been to many field days other than our own, but I was incredibly impressed. The speakers were incredibly diverse, ranging from relay cropping to microbial populations, to how soil health and human health have a direct […]

Farm Flight – Imagery Simplified

Satellite images from Farm Flight, a feature that is available in Topsoil.

Farm Flight has provided Continuum Ag with actionable imagery data on some of our client’s fields for the past two years. We are excited to share some of the advantages they provide with you! Farm Flight uses UAV and satellite imagery to provide a wide range of data over several spectral layers including NDVI, RGB […]

The 2022 Continuum Ag Field Day

Mitchell Hora, CEO and Founder of Continuum Ag sits down with like minded talent to discuss the future of Carbon Intensity.

The crops are planted, and the unofficial start of summer is here! That means it’s almost time for Continuum Ag’s 2022 Field Day. Our team has been preparing for months and we are sure you will enjoy our great line-up of speakers! Check out the days events: Open registration at the event begins at 8:00 […]