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What’s Happening to the Nutrients in Your Soil Over Winter?

Soil sampling is a vital resource when it comes to looking at the health and nutrients that our soil holds.

“Wow, what the heck is happening to soil nutrients right now?” This is something many farmers are wondering. With extreme weather and rainfall patterns through the 2018 and 2019 seasons, no current soil prediction model can fully understand what is going on in our soils. Biology is continually functioning and changing within the soil, which […]

Forecasting Fall Cover Crop Planting

Soybeans are breaking through the soil where the cover crop of winter wheat is still growing on the farm in Southeast, Iowa.

WHAT IS A COVER CROP  A cover crop is a plant grown for purposes other than the harvest of grain for sale. Covering the ground year round is one of the tenants of regenerative ag. On the Continuum Ag farm, we use cover crops as a tool to reduce erosion, to improve soil function and […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Fall Soil Sampling

Rightway soil sampling can help you understand the health of your soil and how you can help.

Are you getting a return on investment in your soil fertility program? How did the adverse weather this year impact your soil and overall soil health? We can do soil sampling tests to find out. What is RightWay®? RightWay® is Continuum Ag’s zone soil sampling program. We thoroughly evaluate the soil based on assessing actual […]

Farmers: Get Paid for Carbon Sequestration!

These nodules on the root of a soybean show signs of a healthy plant!

How do farmers get paid for carbon sequestration? Since starting into the soil health space, we often heard “I don’t get paid for soil health”. That has now changed. Recently, groups such as Indigo Ag have stepped forward saying, “We’re going to start paying farmers for carbon sequestration.” That means farmers will actually get paid […]